About Geopali sa


The company GEOPALI S.A. was founded in 2003 by acquiring the long experience in Italian which it inherits in addition to the experience part of the specialized staff and equipment and the same year began to operate in Canton Ticino.
Thanks to the experience inherited and the one acquired in recent years in the field of "special works underground," today the company represents a concrete reality in Canton Ticino and boasts a high degree of specialization in the execution of:
  1. Driven foundation piles, bored piles of small, medium and large diameter. Vibrated, vibrodriven, vibrocompaction piles, vibrocompaction, vibroflotation.
  2. Filxed piles with continuous flight auger (CFA), FDP system, COMPACT ,COMPACT DRILL and DSC (Drill steel concrete).
  3. Vibrofixed and statically fixed (without vibrations) sheet piles.
  4. Anchoring, micropiles, tie-rods, soil nail walls shotcrete, cutter soil mix walls with any excavations at our expense.
  5. Diaphragm walls, mixed walls, soil mix, Berlin walls, vertical consolidation excavation and penetrated piles.

The company GEOPALI sa  is also registered Lepicosc and as a Member at the SSIC-TI in Bellinzona through which, at the school of Gordola, has trained their staff attending the various courses offered by the Association including those of "operator for tracked and wheeled cranes", "operator for telescopic forklifts with winch" and "operator for the use of trucks with crane".
Through attending the course n° 1702 UCSL and the following updates, the company has also taken steps to train 4 security managers in order to guarantee in every construction site the continuous presence of a person in charge.
Thanks to the experience and dynamism that distinguishes it, the Company actively participates through its own technical staff in the study of the most appropriate solutions to intervene in the underground, having a confrontation and working closely with geologists, designers and businesses.
Using the experience gained in the field of "special works of the subsoil" we can facilitate your work saving time and money.

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